Dartmouth College Fencing Club

Women's Foilist 2015-2019

On the Dartmouth College Fencing Club, Priya competes with the Women's foil squad. Her freshman, sophomore, and junior years, Women's foil won gold at Nationals and the Dartmouth Women's overall team won gold at Nationals. Dartmouth's overall 6-weapon team has won silver during her first two seasons, and recently won gold, making Dartmouth the National Collegiate Club Champions for 2018. She also competes in the United States Fencing Association.

War and Peace Fellows

Fellow 2016-2019

As a War and Peace Fellow at the John Sloan Dickey Center for International Understanding, Priya has been selected to participate in various small group discussions with Dartmouth faculty and internationally renowned experts on global conflict and cooperation, including policymakers, military officers, and NGO officials. She had the opportunity to go to Doha Qatar in 2018 for the Doha Forum.


Dartmouth College Parliamentary Debate

Novice Mentor; Social Chair; Varsity Debater 2015-2019

Priya facilitates the entrance and education of new members to the team by familiarizing them with the format and culture of the American Parliamentary Debate Association. She also is a major contributor to the institutional database of the Dartmouth College Parliamentary Debate team's training policies. She helped plan Dartmouth College Parliamentary Debate's first international tournament in Tokyo, Japan in 2016, at which she was commended for her judging ability, and wishes to expand similar opportunities to the team.

Project Preservation

Leader 2019; Participant 2018

In spring 2018, Priya engaged in Holocaust studies and Jewish history lessons with a group of students from various backgrounds and Rabbi Boraz. In June 2018, the group travelled with Dartmouth College Hillel first to Auschwitz, and later to Ioannina, Greece, a once-vibrant Jewish community that contains fewer than 50 Jews today. While there, Priya helped restore the Jewish cemetery of Ioannina and learned more about the aftermath of the Holocaust on Jewish communities in Europe.

The following year, Priya planned and organized this trip for Dartmouth Hillel, as it had a new rabbi, Rabbi Goldstein, who had never done the trip before. In June 2019, Project Preservation visited Majdanek Concentration Camp and helped maintain the Warsaw Jewish cemetery. The group also spent time learning about historical and modern Polish Jews at the museum POLIN, and at the University of Warsaw Jewish Community Center.

Team Meeting

Rockefeller Center

D-LAB Participant - 2016; Class of 1964 Named Intern - 2017; Peer Mentor 2018-2019

In Dartmouth's Leadership Attitudes and Behaviors (D-LAB) Program, Priya took a weekly course on teamwork and leadership that helped connect her values to her engagements on campus.

As a Class of 1964 Named Intern, Priya received funding from the Rockefeller Center to pursue her internship at the Brookings Institution. Her reflection on this experience can be found here.

As a Rockefeller Peer Mentor, Priya engages with freshmen students interested in pursuing internships, careers, or other programs in the social sciences, especially in public policy by mentoring them each winter. She helps them network, refers them to resources on campus, and acts as a mentor to help them achieve their goals.

Tabard Co-Educational Fraternity

Treasurer; Alumni Chair 2016-2018

Priya manages the finances of the Tabard Co-Educational Fraternity. She is responsible for maintaining the house, scheduling and securing funding for campus events hosted in the house, and writing an annual budget for house events. Priya also manages the Tabard Co-Educational Fraternity's network of members and alumni in an effort to create closer cross-generational relationships and match potential employers with students. She also manages Tabard's public relations, both on-campus and off, most notably through Instagram and LinkedIn presence.


Gender Inclusive Greek Council

Treasurer 2018-2019

The Gender-Inclusive Greek Council plans campus-wide events hosted by co-educational Greek houses at Dartmouth. Priya is involved in Greek life governance, and manages the finances of the Council.