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Honors Government Major

Economics Major

Priya also pursues a second major in Dartmouth College's Department of Economics. She is focused in the finance and monetary policy tracks within that department and her courses include:

  • Intermediate Macroeconomics (ECON022) - Spring 2016

  • Econometrics (ECON020) - Summer 2016

  • Financial Markets and Intermediaries (ECON026) - Fall 2016

  • Intermediate Microeconomics (ECON021) - Summer 2017

  • Theory of Finance (ECON036) - Fall 2017

  • Monetary Policy (ECON032) - Winter 2018

  • Topics in Money and Finance (ECON046) - Spring 2018

  • The Financial Crisis of the Noughties (ECON076) - Fall 2018

  • Competition and Strategy (ECON025) - Winter 2019


Honors Government Major

Priya completed a Honors major in the Government Department of Dartmouth College, primarily in the comparative politics and international relations subfields. The courses she has completed include:

  • International Politics (GOVT005)​

  • Politics of the World (GOVT004)

  • Game Theory (GOVT018)

  • US Foreign Policy (GOVT054)

  • Jerusalem: A Political History (GOVT40.17)

  • Constitutional Law, Development and Theory (GOVT66.02)

She has also taken senior seminars in the government department that culminate her major. These are:

  • Adam Smith and Political Economy (GOVT86.25)

  • How National Security is Made (GOVT85.26)

  • The Future of the International Order (GOVT 84.36)

She completed her major requirements with an Honors thesis titled: Redefining the Fourth Amendment: Searches and Seizures in the Age of Technology. (GOVT 97-99).

Economics Major

Priya also completed a second major in Dartmouth College's Department of Economics. She focused in the finance and monetary policy tracks within that department and her courses included:

  • Intermediate Macroeconomics (ECON022)

  • Econometrics (ECON020)

  • Financial Markets and Intermediaries (ECON026)

  • Intermediate Microeconomics (ECON021)

  • Theory of Finance (ECON036)

  • Monetary Policy (ECON032)

  • Topics in Money and Finance (ECON046)

  • The Financial Crisis of the Noughties (ECON076)

  • Competition and Strategy (ECON025)

Jewish Studies Minor

Priya also pursued a minor in the Jewish Studies department at Dartmouth College. To fulfill the minor requirement, she has completed the following courses:

  • Sociology of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (JWST68.02)

  • Writing at the Extreme: Jewish and Japanese Responses to Crisis and Catastrophe (JWST27.02)

  • History and Culture of the Jews: The Modern Period (JWST011)

  • Jerusalem: A Political History (JWST40.03)

  • From Genesis to Seinfeld: Jewish Humor and its Roots (JWST24.02)

  • Cities of the Biblical World (JWST41.03)

  • Introduction to Judaism (JWST006)

Elective Courses

Priya's requirements and interests mandated some non-concentration coursework, which is listed below.

  • Dialogues With the Classics (HUM001)

  • Introduction to Public Policy (PBPL005)

  • Focus on Hamlet (ENGL07.03)

  • Apocalyptic Thought in East Asia (REL49.01)

  • Exploration of the Solar System (ASTR001)

  • Introduction to Programming and Computation (COSC001)

  • Elementary Oceanography (EARS003)

  • Introduction to Philosophy and Economics (PHIL01.03)

  • Applied Machine Learning in Social Science (QSS 30.11)

  • Buddhism in America (REL043)

Other Dartmouth Credits

Dartmouth credits Priya for her performance in certain Advanced Placement and SAT exams. These include:

  • AP Microeconomics (equivalent to ECON001)

  • AP Environmental Science (equivalent to ENVS002)

  • AP Human Geography (equivalent to GEOG001)

  • AP Calculus AB (equivalent to MATH008)

  • AP Statistics (equivalent to MATH010)

  • AP Spanish (equivalent to SPAN003)

For information about Priya's other 12 AP scores, 3 SAT subject tests or ACT and SAT scores, please contact her directly.

Tuck Business Bridge Program

Priya also took a three-week intensive pre-Business program at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. Her coursework there included:

  • Corporate Finance

  • Financial Accounting

  • Managerial Economics

  • Spreadsheet Modelling

  • Marketing

  • Business Communications

  • Strategy

  • Organizational Behavior

  • Entrepreneurship


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